Interphase EDGE - Multivariable Calculus (Summer 2014)


Instructor: Paul E. Hand

Office: Room E18-379

Email: hand [at]

Lectures: M, W, F 10:45-12:15 AM in 36-153

Office Hours:
  • Paul Hand: Mondays, 7-9 PM, Maseeh Basement


This course will cover the key ideas from chapters 12-15 of Edwards and Penney. This is a subset of the syllabus for 18.02 (Multivariable Calculus). For more detail, see the syllabus.

Text Book: Multivariable Calculus by Edwards and Penney



Event Date Related Documents
PSET 1Due July 8Solutions
Midterm 1July 10 in class
PSET 2Due July 17Solutions
PSET 3Due July 22Solutions
Midterm 2July 24 in class
PSET 4Due July 31 Solutions
PSET 5Due August 5Solutions
FinalAugust 8

Lecture Notes

Topics and dates are tentative
Day Topics and Notes
Day 1Vectors, dot products, geometric proofs. Notes. Summary
Day 2Lines, planes, determinants, cross products. Notes. Summary
Day 3Parameterizations, velocity, acceleration, arc length. Notes. Summary
Day 4Functions of several variables, partial derivatives. Notes. Summary
Day 5Gradient, directional derivatives, chain rule. Notes. Summary
Day 6Constrained optimization and Lagrange multipliers. Notes. Summary
Day 7Double integrals. Notes. Summary
Day 8Double integrals in cartesian and polar coordinates. Notes. Summary
Day 9Triple integrals in cartesian coordinates. Notes. Summary
Day 10Triple integrals in cylidrical and spherical coordinates. Notes. Summary
Day 11Vector fields, line integrals, conservative vector fields. Notes. Summary
Day 12Fundamental theorem of line integrals, Green's theorem. Notes. Summary