Arjun Guha

Associate Professor

Northeastern University


Using the tools and techniques of programming languages, my research addresses security and reliability problems in web programming, systems, and robotics.

Recent News

Research Group

I am a member of the Programming Research Laboratory at Northeastern. I work with a great group of students:


  • Samuel Baxter (MS)
  • Rian Shambaugh (MS)
  • Sam Lee (undergrad)
  • Christopher Rybicki (undergrad → MS student at Cornell Tech)
  • Rachit Nigam (undergrad → PhD student at Cornell)
  • Nicole Andrews (Mount Holyoke College, undergrad)
  • Jenna Hammond (Mount Holyoke College, undergrad, CRA honorable mention)
  • Harsh Poddar (undergrad → Facebook)
  • Aaron Weiss (undergrad, NSF Fellow → PhD student at Northeastern)
  • Jane Tangen (undergrad → MITRE)
  • Akshay Gadre (undergrad → PhD student at Carnegie Mellon)
  • Nimish Gupta (MS → Amazon)


Mailing Address
440 Huntington Avenue, 202 West Village H, Boston, MA 02115
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